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Contest winners!


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If you are a fan of Hidekaz Himaruya's Axis Powers Hetalia APH, then you want to join this group. Followers of Doitsuisim are welcome here.

:star: Groups we are partnered with :star:

:iconhetaliafans: :iconaph-americafc: :iconthehetatimeofthesoul:
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Sep 7, 2008


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Fan Club

18,781 Members
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:star: Groups we are partnered with :star:

:iconhetaliafans: :iconaph-americafc: :iconthehetatimeofthesoul:
If you are reading this why don't you go check them out.


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:star: OC's in History! :star:
And the winners are....

First I want to thank everyone who entered, this was a tough one to judge this time, but through a lot of harassment of my fellow group members and my crack team of fellow rpers on our rp group :iconthehetatimeofthesoul: We finally decided. Judging is determined by ability to stay on topic, skill level, and over all impact of the piece.  ( oh and if you like to role play we're looking for a new Russia and a bunch of other characters check it out and apply if you're interested. )

:iconfireworks2plz:First place!:iconfireworks2plz:

[aph Prussia] 1410-battle lost by Fenrin-kun by :iconfenrin-kun: And   Yankee Bayonet [APH CSA,USA,Texas]The first letter arrived by way of a messenger riding a proud chestnut palfrey, his uniform dirtied from the road. The Confederacy had been awaiting this letter with some urgency.
As soon as the parchment was firmly in her hand, she turned toward the manor house, wanting only to get inside to read the words. Her own fate now hung in the balance. She sat on the porch and broke the seal of the letter.
My dearest Annabelle,
I know not how to best convey the news to you, so I will state it plainly so that you may come to terms with it. Lincoln has rejected all our negotiations for peace, and we have no choice but to move forward. Alfred refused to even talk to me, claiming that I was now nothing more than a rebel in his eyes. It frightens me to hear my brother’s words echoed again in a different voice.
He has made his stance clear and now war must follow. I do not know how you will take this news, and I fervently wish I could be with yo
by :iconsailorgreywolf:

Both of these were charged with emotion and well done, the characterization in Yankee bayonet as well as its solid writing really draws you in.  

:iconfireworks2plz:Second place!:iconfireworks2plz:

Hetalia: Millennial Show (contest entry) by BakanoHealthy by :iconbakanohealthy:  and Seventeen Days (APH Carthage, OC, APH Rome)Dying was an interesting feeling. It was not one Carthage would recommend.
He watched on his knees, hands tied behind him, as the Romans flooded his city, dragging out his people. They were bashed and families were torn apart, and they were screaming.
Then again, he had been dying for years now. Rome had it in for him ever since the second war ended. After all, a nation wasn’t a nation without autonomy, was it? Rome had already taken him over.
Carthage was feeling very calm about the whole thing until the Romans pulled out the fire. Something about the flames made Carthage want to lash out and stop them.
And there he was. Rome stood, hands on his hips, watching as his soldiers dragged away people or slaughtered them. His back was strong, like Carthage’s had been fifty years ago, before the fines had drained him.
The first house was ignited, and Carthage screamed and tried to stagger upwards, only to be shoved down by a nearby soldier. Carthage snarled, wrenching
by :iconeyesocketsandsuits:

The personal aesthetic and solid skills won both of these talented artists their spot in second place.

Congratulations guys!!!!

Hero out! :iconsaluteplz:

:star: OC's in History! :star:
The judging has begun

Win One! 

China and France by HTTS-America

Prize donation update ::iconplainlyawesome: has updated the prize kitty

What we're looking for is something from a pivotal point in history with at least one cannon Hetlaia character interacting with a Hetalia OC of your choice of wither one you've been nurturing for a while or a brand new one but it must be a Hetalia OC meaning it has to be a character that represents a country, state, city, planet, ocean, or territory.

So we're looking for something like England and maybe say London during the German blitz or maybe America and one or more of the 13 Colonies during the civil war, or anything you can think of ( And yes you can use those as ideas if you like.)

So the rules go like this....

1. You must use an important point in history, and everything is history including yesterday. But it must be an important moment for the characters involved.

2. You must have at least one Hetalia cannon character.

3. You must also have at least one fan-made Hetalia based OC ( does not have to be a new character for the contest. You can use one you made up if you have it. )

4. OC must be based on an existing landmass, planet, territory, city, state. In other words, no made up Narnias or District 12s please. The historical aspect needs to be based on a real event that actually happened as well.

5. You can submit both Artwork or Literature. If you're really ambitious you can submit a piece for both categories.

6. Make sure you put who your OC is in the description or title so we know who we're looking at.

7. Entries must be made for the contest, no rehashing of old art please. No bases or using other people's art in your entry, it must be made by you.

8. Submit entries to the "OC's in history contest folder" folder.

9. Deadline! It's June 8th, do not be late!

**This contest is two parts Literature and art. Both will be judged separately on their own merit. So there will be 2 first and 2 second place winners.**

First place is choice of one of these guys!

Or an Amazon wishlist item value at $30.00

:iconkitty-kirishima: is also offering A waist up colored drawing (choice of digital or traditional)
:iconplainlyawesome: has offered a waist up digital drawing for the first place winners.


Second place will be:

A one year DA subscription

Or an Amazon wishlist item of up to a $20.00 value
:iconplainlyawesome: a simple digital sketch for the second place winners.

And both winners get a traditional ball point pen drawing courtesy of :iconkitty-kirishima:

We are also accepting prize donations, if you donate a prize please keep in mind that there are two categories Lit and Art. We will add your name to all the journals and updates as the contest progresses.

Good luck! 

China and France by HTTS-America

Russia by HTTS-America

France and England having a moment by HTTS-America

England in a teacup by HTTS-America

Alfred Figure 1 by HTTS-America


And if you're not keeping up with the manga... HERE.… <----Hima's journal translated… <---comics… <----Scanlations of new comics in English
More Journal Entries

The Rules

:star:The Rules:star:

:star: Membership is open to everyone. :star:
:star:Just click the join button and welcome to the group! :star:

Quality Control

:bulletgreen: Sketches are allowed, but must be cleaned up. No lined or graph paper allowed, Examples can be seen here:…

:bulletred: NO Advertisements Advertisements do not belong in the art folders please do not submit them. We do not care if you: updated your status, signed up for facebook, are trying something new, opening for commissions, or dislike a pairing. Art folders are for art. If it's really important or interesting, then note us and I'll do a group journal update for it.

:bulletgreen: All submissions must be Hetalia related and must have at least one Hetalia character in it.

:bulletred: Submission must be in the correct folder.

:bulletgreen: Must be 100% by you or you must have permission and give credit to all the artists involved.

:bulletred: Must not be on lined paper. This includes graph paper.

:bulletred: No use of copyrighted images. No screen shots, motivational posters.

:bulletred: You must be wearing a costume in cosplay pictures. It's called COSplay for a reason. No wig tests, or out of character clothing.

:bulletred: No blurry pictures. We understand not everybody has a scanner, but the picture must be of decent quality. If it looks like the guy who took the pictures of the Loch Ness monster helped you out... well ask someone else for help.

Notes and/or Comments
:bulletred: If you're not sure about something please don't hesitate to note the group with your questions.
:bulletorange: Do not note us with chain letters, we don't mind the occasional weird e-mail just for the fun of it, but chances are we've seen it all already so just stahp.
:bulletyellow: You ARE allowed to send us a note, asking a question about a specific drawing.  Examples would be if a sketch is clean enough, what folder the drawing may go into, if something is too much like an 'art dump', ect.
:bulletgreen: The admins with hold the right to ban any member for any reason they see fit without warning or contact.
:bulletblue: Do not contact the admins personal account unless asked for or requested. 
:bulletpurple: I have nothing to say here I just wanted to finish the rainbow.


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