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If you are a fan of Hidekaz Himaruya's Axis Powers Hetalia APH, then you want to join this group. Followers of Doitsuisim are welcome here.
Founded 6 Years ago
Sep 7, 2008


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17,603 Members
15,787 Watchers
505,442 Pageviews
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:iconpocketcountries: PocketCountries :iconaphetalit: APHetaLIT Changing the World with a word! :iconhetalia-united: Hetalia-United Holding the World together :iconwe-love-chibi-world: we-love-chibi-world Love All :iconitalian-hetaliafc: Italian-HetaliaFC


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The Rules

:star:The Rules:star:

Quality Control
:bulletgreen: Sketches are allowed, but must be cleaned up. No lined or graph paper allowed, Examples can be seen here:…

:bulletred: Advertisements do not belong in the art folders please do not submit them. We do not care if you: updated your status, signed up for facebook, are trying something new, opening for commissions, or dislike a pairing. Art folders are for art. If it's really important or interesting, then note us and I'll do a group journal update for it.

:bulletgreen: All submissions must be Hetalia related and must have at least one Hetalia character in it.

:bulletred: Submission must be in the correct folder.

:bulletgreen: Must be 100% by you or you must have permission and give credit to all the artists involved.

:bulletred: Must not be on lined paper. This includes graph paper.

:bulletred: No use of copyrighted images. No screen shots, motivational posters.

:bulletred: You must be wearing a costume in cosplay pictures. It's called COSplay for a reason. No wig tests, or out of character clothing.

:bulletred: No blurry pictures. We understand not everybody has a scanner, but the picture must be of decent quality. But if it looks like the guy who took the pictures of the Loch Ness monster helped you out... well ask someone else for help.

Notes and/or Comments
:bulletred: If you're not sure about something please don't hesitate to note the group with your questions.
:bulletorange: Do not note us with chain letters, we don't mind the occasional weird e-mail just for the fun of it, but chances are we've seen it all already so just stahp.
:bulletyellow: You ARE allowed to send us a note, asking a question about a specific drawing.  Examples would be if a sketch is clean enough, what folder the drawing may go into, if something is too much like an 'art dump', ect.
:bulletgreen: The admins with hold the right to ban any member for any reason they see fit without warning or contact.
:bulletblue: Do not contact the admins personal account unless asked for or requested. 
:bulletpurple: I have nothing to say here I just wanted to finish the rainbow.
:spotlight-left: :iconthehetatimeofthesoul: :spotlight-right:

A (relatively) new role play group looking for members, and we need sooooo many people and we'd love as many of you as possible to apply for our open positions!

Here's a totally incomprehensive list of major characters we don't have (if you don't see one you wanna try out, go look at the list of characters we do have thehetatimeofthesoul.deviantar… <-----here)


So come on down and be politically incorrect, with all of us down at :iconthehetatimeofthesoul:! You can find our application and rules ----------------> thehetatimeofthesoul.deviantar…  here.
Contest Winners

First I just want to say this took a very long time because all of you did such a fantastic job. We were not prepared for all the really great art that came through for this contest. You all really do deserve a prize, but I'm just not that rich.

First place for art:                         Second place for Art:
[Steamtalia] Their first Motor Show by reenze-nk                 Steam and Steel by lumisse
by :iconreenze-nk:                   By :iconlumisse:

First place for Lit:                           Second place for Lit:
Steam Turns The Wheels: Switzerland+Liechtenstein    Sometimes she wondered; Lilly wondered why, of all the things in that world she had been blessed with- her hair that billowed back like waves of amber wheat in the former style of unruly braids or transformed into gorgeous, straight locks that hung back from her body like an ocean that gleamed with its salty water, or even her home that was a cottage built out of brotherly share with rough hands and the care of a brave, perserverant soul, but why had she been blessed with someone so kind a brother as him?
    It was pure luck, sheer trepidation from the spur of the moment, she was certain, but it kept the poor dear up at night. Being a measly twelve-years old, she was victim to fright and worry like a mouse at a cat's paw, and she spent countless nights by her window. The window glazed with rustic bronze and cogs as it opened on smooth, gilded hinges. It was antique, beautiful to run her petite fingers across as he mind wondered and pondered what had driven h
                    FirefliesThe rate the fireflies now proliferated, machinery was nearly impossible to maintain.  Alfred F. Jones learned this the hard way, sitting among the wrenches and rivets in his garage as he stared at the empty husk of his old plane.  The parasitic little viruses had eaten away at any attempts of repair; it only took a few missing gears to render even the largest machine useless.
One hand still clutching his goggles, Alfred organized the parts he did have, sealing them away in large glass jars.  
The crunch of boots on gravel wore away at the silence of an evening barely disturbed by the rustle of wind in the trees.  Alfred lifted his head.
Arthur Kirkland, long time friend and ex-mechanic strode in, his cloak wrapped tightly about his shoulders until he swung the door shut behind him.  “There’s a sandstorm brewing, I think,” he murmured.
Alfred shook his head, “The winds aren’t quite strong enough.  It’ll blow out before i

By :iconrefreak111:                 By :iconde-anon:

Congradulations guys!

Oh and be sure to check out the the little Role play group

:iconthehetatimeofthesoul: We're still looking for more a lot more countries that need to be rped for.
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genW0N Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  New member
genW0N's Vodka Song Remix!

Hey there, guys
Stay right here
I'll tell you about the chicken that wanted a beer
Wait, I forgot it, but you still have luck
Here's a tale about vodka and a duck

If vodka was water
And I was a duck
I'd swim to the bottom and never come up
But vodka's not water
And I'm not a duck
So slide me a bottle and shut the f♥♥k up
lonewolf2132 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student Artist
For those who happen to live in Colorado

I'm looking for any Hetalia cosplayers that would like to join in a Hetalia Q&A Panel at this years NDK we're looking for people to join in. You can contact me or my friend on Facebook.

Thank you! :) (Smile)

GoToSleepInc Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiya everyone!
ShortStackMeira Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  New member Student Writer
Would you like to do a hetalia rp?
ShortStackMeira Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  New member Student Writer
Hello~! I love your works!
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