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:star: Groups we are partnered with :star:

:iconhetaliafans: :iconaph-americafc: :iconthehetatimeofthesoul:
If you are reading this why don't you go check them out.
:iconeasternbloc-hetalia: EasternBloc-Hetalia ExSoviet-Hetalia! group :iconunited-da-artists: United-dA-Artists Because your arts are great! :iconanime-reader-insert: Anime-Reader-Insert *~Anime 4 life~* :iconhetalianationsunite: HetaliaNationsUnite marukaite that chikyuu :iconaphistorichetalia: APHistoricHetalia Historical Hetalia :iconaphetaliafanfiction: APHetaliaFanfiction Hetalian Writers~ :icontaiwan--fans: Taiwan--Fans For the fans of Taiwan!! :iconuranium-hetalia: Uranium-Hetalia :iconbelgium--fans: Belgium--Fans Waffles~ :iconspain--fans: Spain--Fans Churros~ :iconspain--x--belgium: Spain--x--Belgium Chocolate on Churros~ :iconhetalia-aus: Hetalia-AUs ヘタリア :iconthe-anime-squad: The-Anime-Squad Dank memes and Anime trash. :iconhetalian-lives: Hetalian-Lives :iconhetaliarpclubroom: HetaliaRPClubroom
We're taking applications for a lot of main & popular characters over at HTTS!


:star:The List of Available Nations:star:

(Characters in bold are ones we're REALLY in need of!)

UPDATED 2/8/16

North Italy
South Korea

And so many, many more! Feel free to note us if you don't see a character on the list that you want to play. Odds are we'll need whoever it is.

:star: Application Form :star:

Send the group a note with the application's questions answered honestly, and make sure each question is fully and thoroughly completed. Please make the title of the note include the name of the nation you're applying for! It really helps us sift through the notes better, and that way we won't accidentally overlook your application.

If you are not a dA member, but you'd like to join, e-mail us at:

:bulletblack: :bulletblack:

1.) Did you read the rules? ( Hint: See widget directly below this one here. )

2.) What Roleplaying experience do you have?

3.) Alright, it's share and tell time kiddos. Tell us a little bit about yourself so we can get to know you better! Where you're from, how old you are, what your time zone is, anything you feel we should know and are comfortable sharing.

4.) What is your favorite AU? We're always looking for ideas for our upcoming events, and more than willing to cater to our members preferences.

5.) Now step into character, and give us a starter, or have your character tell us about themselves! Either option is a good way to prove you're what we're looking for. Please make sure it's more than a few sentences long so we can get a sense of how you play your desired character.

(If you're stuck and can't think up a scenario for your character, luckily for you we have a lovely list of scenarios right here for your convenience.)

6.) Will you be able to use the Deviantart Chats for roleplaying? Most of our roleplaying occurs in the chats, so if you can't use them, we wouldn't recommend joining this group.

Please do not spam us asking to hurry your application along. Patience is key! We have no organizational system at the moment, and we do send a notice if you don't make it, so please have patience.

You may also submit your application here in the comments if that would be more convenient for you! Feel free to ask questions here on this journal or on the group page. I or any other admin of the group would be happy to help you through the application process!


We need role players  

White Candles (Right) by AngelicHellraiser:iconaph-ipeseity:White Candles (Right) by AngelicHellraiser

It's a role play group and it's a lot of fun. Let me tell you how it works:

You pick the country that we need, try out as that country, and if you're accepted we give you the keys to the nation. ( Sorry for the tryout part but we like to see how you play your character and with others. )

Then the fun begins when you then come in the group chat and mess with everyone. Between world meeting shenanigans, we host events like Steampunk, Zombie, and P2 high school, and many more, so don't be afraid to tell us any of your AU ideas. If you're accepted you get to be a part of a family that's been together for years.

db3 by RBSRdesigns

:star: We need a lot of nations! To see the list of ones we need, go to the group's page and look in the second column.

Application form

Please fill out and note to:

(Odd questions are odd. There are no wrong answers... some of us have issues, just roll with it.)

Send the group a note with the answers answered completely and honestly. Please make the title of the note the nation you're applying for!! It really helps us sift through the notes better.


1. Tell us about yourself. The only items you are required to include in this section are the name you would want us to refer to you, your age, and your time zone; but if you want to add some background info about yourself, we'd love to see it.

2. Have you read the rules? ( check the group front page )

3. What Roleplaying experience do you have?

4. What are your views on a widespread implementation of a program designed to create a global communist government?

5. ANSWER IN CHARACTER: Choose two of the following scenarios. Have the character you're applying for react to both of them, so that we can see how you play your character and how you write.

:bulletblue:One of your closest friends declares war on them. What do you do?
:bulletblue:A human walks up to you with a very old photo or painting of you from another era, and asks if it is you. Do you tell the truth? What do you do afterwards?
:bulletblue:You wake up in Russia's backyard. What do you do? If you are applying for Russia: You sat in Busby's chair again and now England is mad. What do you do?
:bulletblue:You have to spend a night in a creepy hotel. What do you take with you? What frightens you?
:bulletblue:A human asks you about your favorite point in history. How do you respond?
:bulletblue:You declare war on another nation. Who is it and why? How do you tell them?
:bulletblue:You ran out of milk and all the stores you can get to are closed for the day. How do you get your milk?
:bulletblue:Another nation spills their meal on you in a world meeting. How do you react?

6. Do you have any questions?

Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser
More Journal Entries

The Rules

:star:The Rules:star:

:star: Membership is open to everyone. :star:
:star:Just click the join button and welcome to the group! :star:

Quality Control

:bulletgreen: Sketches are allowed, but must be cleaned up. No lined or graph paper allowed, Examples can be seen here:…

:bulletred: NO Advertisements Advertisements do not belong in the art folders please do not submit them. We do not care if you: updated your status, signed up for facebook, are trying something new, opening for commissions, or dislike a pairing. Art folders are for art. If it's really important or interesting, then note us and I'll do a group journal update for it.

:bulletgreen: All submissions must be Hetalia related and must have at least one Hetalia character in it.

:bulletred: Submission must be in the correct folder.

:bulletgreen: Must be 100% by you or you must have permission and give credit to all the artists involved.

:bulletred: Must not be on lined paper. This includes graph paper.

:bulletred: No use of copyrighted images. No screen shots, motivational posters.

:bulletred: You must be wearing a costume in cosplay pictures. It's called COSplay for a reason. No wig tests, or out of character clothing.

:bulletred: No blurry pictures. We understand not everybody has a scanner, but the picture must be of decent quality. If it looks like the guy who took the pictures of the Loch Ness monster helped you out... well ask someone else for help.

Notes and/or Comments
:bulletred: If you're not sure about something please don't hesitate to note the group with your questions.
:bulletorange: Do not note us with chain letters, we don't mind the occasional weird e-mail just for the fun of it, but chances are we've seen it all already so just stahp.
:bulletyellow: You ARE allowed to send us a note, asking a question about a specific drawing.  Examples would be if a sketch is clean enough, what folder the drawing may go into, if something is too much like an 'art dump', ect.
:bulletgreen: The admins with hold the right to ban any member for any reason they see fit without warning or contact.
:bulletblue: Do not contact the admins personal account unless asked for or requested. 
:bulletpurple: I have nothing to say here I just wanted to finish the rainbow.


:star: Groups we are partnered with :star:

:iconhetaliafans: :iconaph-americafc: :iconaph-ipeseity:
If you are reading this why don't you go check them out.


Newest Members

Group Info

If you are a fan of Hidekaz Himaruya's Axis Powers Hetalia APH, then you want to join this group. Followers of Doitsuisim are welcome here.

:star: Groups we are partnered with :star:

:iconhetaliafans: :iconaph-americafc: :iconaph-ipeseity:
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